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Spring Cleaning

April the start of “Spring Cleaning” known for the mantra out with the old and in with the new.

It is a perfect month for cleaning professionals and building managers to review the current cleaning 

procedures and to start changing cleaning patterns for the upcoming season.

To help in making this Spring Cleaning less of a nightmare we offer the following tips for making 

sure your office is clean.   

1. When choosing a cleaning service it is important that company can demonstrate experience 

in cleaning office buildings ask for proper client references, also make sure the company has 

proof of insurance and be sure to read the contract carefully to see what services are included 

in price and what services are an additional cost.

2. Always make sure that your cleaning service sweeps tile floors, vacuum carpeting, clean the 

inside of windows, and dust office furniture, this will create a more welcoming atmosphere into 

your office space.

3. Bacteria can spread in a short amount of time that is why it’s important having a microfiber 

towel/mop system using a different color for a specific area to avoid cross contamination.

4. Restrooms must be cleaned on a regular basis this helps prevent a build-up of bacteria and 

germs that can cause illness. We specialize in eco-friendly cleaning dangerous bacteria from a 

Restroom’s environment without leaving harmful chemicals behind.

5. Remember professional cleaners come to clean: Once a month remove everything from the 

tops of desks, shelves or table surfaces to make sure the cleaning service can clean and 

disinfect with an all-purpose cleaner. They can't do the job if these surfaces are covered with 

papers and clutter.

8. Avoid the lowest cost option: When it comes to cleaning services the company with the 

lowest price may not be the best choice. Companies offering a below market value price are 

simply looking to get the job but once the contract is signed they'll identify many other issues to 

upsell and get you to buy more expensive services. Always make a decision based on 

recommendations from existing customers.